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Good for the price, 50% better deal than a local dollar store so I think it is worth it for a similar quality item. I used it to clean some of my baking sheets and it is moderately effective. I bought 4 and I would buy again if I needed more. Good value.

Alexia Unkle
Los Angeles, CA

This cutter is exactly what I've been looking for. I've tried it on sweet potatoes, onions, potatoes and more and it has cut everything without a problem. I strongly recommend this product.

Ronald Abeln
New York City, NY

This great product made of metal chrome plated. Done carefully. Very convenient for every tap if spout faucet not convenient, this device will make faucet convenient. Thank you so much for this article! Will buy more and gifts…

Alexa Marmo
Houston, TX

My wife is really satisfied. The heat really relieves her. And vibration is also very effective during its ovulation period and it has pain. At first she found it weird but finally she likes it a lot.

Sibylle Voclain
Chicago, IL

WallCushes are amazing! They have adhesive that sticks easily and is safe for my toddler. I'm able to feel as if my daughter is safer around the home!

Viktoria Hickey
London, UK