FridgeCubby™ - Pull-out Fridge Drawer Organizer
FridgeCubby™ - Pull-out Fridge Drawer Organizer
FridgeCubby™ - Pull-out Fridge Drawer Organizer
FridgeCubby™ - Pull-out Fridge Drawer Organizer
FridgeCubby™ - Pull-out Fridge Drawer Organizer
FridgeCubby™ - Pull-out Fridge Drawer Organizer

FridgeCubby™ - Pull-out Fridge Drawer Organizer

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“It’s amazing and life changing! I can’t believe I’ve lived without it until now! It is very convenient for storing eggs, vegetables, or any other groceries. The standard shelves in the refrigerator were not enough and took up too much space. But these are great and don’t use up a lot of space. Quality is also excellent. I can’t recommend this enough!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Willy Aura
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After stocking up on groceries, properly organizing them into the fridge can be difficult and messy. Oftentimes, this is a difficult task due to having limited space and not having proper shelves to store the ingredients, looking disorganized. This can be very frustrating as some items may have to be discarded, time wasted trying to make everything fit,  and an unaesthetic looking fridge.

The FridgeCubby™ is a shelf for storing groceries and ingredients that can be easily installed into any fridge. The FridgeCubby is great and large enough to store fruits, veggies, and other larger ingredients in a very organized manner. Now spend minimum time while easily and smoothly organizing newly bought groceries into FridgeCubbies™ and having a very aesthetically pleasing fridge.


✅ Spacious Organizer - The FridgeCubby™ is able to carry a large quantity of ingredients despite its sleek design. This allows for storing a bundle of fruits, veggies, or other ingredient with ease.

✅ Space Saving Design -
The FridgeCubby™ has an amazing storage feature and attaches to the bottom of each tier. This helps in saving space in the fridge, and allows for the stacking of more food.

✅ Easy To Use -
The FridgeCubby™ attaches directly to the fridge’s shelves for easy access to every ingredient. Simply slide it in and out whenever something is needed out of the fridge.

✅ Durable Materials -
Hard and durable plastic is used to make FridgeCubbies. This  makes it able to withstand regular daily use.



We understand how
frustrating it can be when your fridge looks messy with ingredients everywhere, and having trouble finding what you need. It can be annoying and a waste when you’re forced to throw out or discard some items due to lack of space, or embarrassing when your fridge has an unpleasant look. Statistics show that upwards of 30% of groceries are thrown away on average.

Now with the FridgeCubby, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer worry about such problems. The FridgeCubby is designed to store large amounts of food and groceries in a very organized manner, making it easy to retrieve ingredients you need, while looking great.  Now, easily store new foods and groceries in a manner that makes the fridge look organized and pleasing.

Product Specifications 

Material: PET+ABS material 

Size: as shown 

Color: transparent

Package Contents 

1 x Refrigerator Drawer

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