AguaPure™ - Advanced Water Filter & Softener
AguaPure™ - Advanced Water Filter & Softener
AguaPure™ - Advanced Water Filter & Softener
AguaPure™ - Advanced Water Filter & Softener
AguaPure™ - Advanced Water Filter & Softener
AguaPure™ - Advanced Water Filter & Softener
AguaPure™ - Advanced Water Filter & Softener
AguaPure™ - Advanced Water Filter & Softener
AguaPure™ - Advanced Water Filter & Softener
AguaPure™ - Advanced Water Filter & Softener

AguaPure™ - Advanced Water Filter & Softener

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This is just amazing! After getting this AguaPure filter, I started to notice my face and skin looking better, and felt less headaches and more focused within weeks! Previously I could almost taste the difference between pure bottled water and tap water, and with this filter it feels like I’m always having a pure and clean stream of water from my kitchen and bathroom faucets! I recommend this to anyone trying to better wash their face to get rid of acne, athletes who drink large amounts of water, and anyone who is into overall health!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Liana Garry

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Tap water can contain a lot of unfiltered bacteria, elements, contaminants, and unfiltered elements due to most faucets being very basic and unable to effectively filter microelements. Drinking and washing with such water can be toxic to the liver, gut, and body hormones, while also potentially increasing unfair skin and acne. Since tap water is primarily used to clean and drink from, this leads to insecurity and anxiety from persistent acne, suboptimal gut, worser body, teeth, and overall health.

The AguaPure is a handy filtration device that can easily be attached to almost any faucet in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere in the house that provides superior filtration. The AguaPure has a 5-layer filtration system that is set to rid tap water of impurities and reduce the presence of chlorine for pure and clean water that can reduce acne and improve overall skin and health. Now, enjoy purified and high quality filtered water that can make skin more fair and glow brighter, while also improving digestion and overall health.


Continuous Safe Drinking Water - The premium AguaPure was designed to be highly effective in filtering out impurities continuously over the long term and comes with extra filter cartridges. Enjoy high quality, skin friendly, and safe drinking water from any sink in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other room.

Effective Filtration - The AguaPure is specially designed with 5 layers of highly effective filters. This ensures that the leftover impurities from traditional sink filters are caught and filtered, thus serving high quality and clean water.

 Various Uses The AguaPure was designed to provide healthy and clean water for not only drinking and cleansing skin, but for all daily usage in the kitchen or bathroom. It is also great at keeping clothes, dishes, and utensils squeaky clean, making it an essential for every faucet in any home.

High Pressure - The AguaPure filters faucet was engineered to provide a strong flow of water compared to most average faucets. Increase the water pressure in the home kitchen or bathroom sink by attaching the AguaPure with easy instructions.



We understand how insecure it can feel when washing your face or skin with tap water that isn’t properly filtered. It can be frustrating when you’re getting headaches, general fatigue, acne or unfair skin, and overall tired or unhealthy from too much impure tap water. Research and statistics show that water flowing to about 85 percent of the population contains more than 300 contaminants and substances at often potentially unsafe levels.

Now, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer deal with impurities, substances, and contaminants in the daily usage of tap water. The AguaPure is a practical and handy device that has 5-layers of filtration and can easily be installed onto any faucet or sink! Enjoy safe, healthy, and clean water with the AguaPure that can improve overall health and skin complexion!

Product Specifications

Material: Ceramic
Installation Cold Water Pipe Installation
Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 1.0
Connectors: Type c
Color: Black, White, Blue

Package Contents 

1 x Water Filter 
1 or 4 x Ceramic Cartridges
1 x Sandpaper 
1 x Universal Adapter 
3 x Internal Thread Adapters 
3 x External thread Adapters

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