CrampRelief - Menstrual Heating Pad
CrampRelief - Menstrual Heating Pad
CrampRelief - Menstrual Heating Pad
CrampRelief - Menstrual Heating Pad
CrampRelief - Menstrual Heating Pad
CrampRelief - Menstrual Heating Pad
CrampRelief - Menstrual Heating Pad
CrampRelief - Menstrual Heating Pad
CrampRelief - Menstrual Heating Pad

CrampRelief - Menstrual Heating Pad

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“I brought this for my teenage daughter as she was carrying around a hot wheat sock. This has been an absolutely amazing product. My daughter even took it to the movies and wore it under her clothes for the pain. It is super warm and has vibrations you can turn on if you want to. Best gift you can give a girl or lady. One of my best purchases in ClassyHome.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Curtis Lewin
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Every month, going through the menstrual cycle or period is a natural yet painful and bothersome experience. The menstrual cycle is an uncomfortable period as it causes frustration and moodiness.. This results in a painful and unhappy week in which daily lifestyle becomes more difficult to deal with. However, now this discomfort no longer has to be dealt with, introducing the CrampRelief!

The CrampRelief is a practical device with a rechargeable battery that helps in easing the pains of monthly menstrual cycles. Simply wear the CrampRelief around the midsection, set the desired message and heat settings, and feel instantly eased. Aside from the abdomen, it also helps alleviate muscle pain from different parts of the body. Soothe monthly period cramps by enjoying a comfy warm massage from the CrampRelief, never let period cramps ruin the day again!


Quick Pain Relief - The CrampRelief heats up within 5 seconds and provides constant heat to large areas of the body. This allows it to quickly heat up and helps alleviate pains on the back, abdomen, legs, and more, giving amazing comfort.

Easy Wear - Our premium CrampRelief comes with an elastic belt that perfectly fits around any body size. This way, everyone can simply enjoy a comforting massage while lounging on the couch or even while running errands.

Multiple Settings - The CrampRelief comes with varying massage and heat settings, in order to provide with a more comforting massage. This lets everyone choose the best settings that match varying pain levels.

Portable Design - The CrampRelief has a very compact design. This allows for it to be carried anywhere, either pack it in a bag or leave it in the car for instant comfort while traveling.


Wear the CrampRelief over clothes or a towel and follow the instructions:

We understand how monthly periods can be very difficult to deal with. From constantly bleeding and having a bad mood, it is the worst time of the month for many! Furthermore, the pain felt during the process can sometimes be unbearable! Studies have shown that having an upset and annoyed attitude affects your daily lifestyle in negative ways, and can lead to decreased performance and results in daily tasks and work.

With the CrampRelief, we can take a deep breath and sigh with relief as we can find comfort during this difficult period of time, and no longer dread awaiting it. CramRelief can easily be worn around the midsection, and quickly relieves pain by providing warmth. It has multiple settings and levels of warmth to suit everyone's likings. With the CrampRelief, feel more comfortable and at ease during the special period of the month.




Product Specifications

Color: Original/Limited Edition 1/Limited Edition 2
Material:   Cotton, ABS
Battery Capacity: 1800mAh 
Rated Voltage: 3.7 V 
Charging Time: About 3-4 Hours
Weight   180 g
Package Contents 
1 x Warm Massager Belt 
1 x USB Cable 
1 x Manual
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