MetaRule™ - Rechargeable Electronic Ruler
MetaRule™ - Rechargeable Electronic Ruler
MetaRule™ - Rechargeable Electronic Ruler
MetaRule™ - Rechargeable Electronic Ruler
MetaRule™ - Rechargeable Electronic Ruler
MetaRule™ - Rechargeable Electronic Ruler
MetaRule™ - Rechargeable Electronic Ruler

MetaRule™ - Rechargeable Electronic Ruler

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This is just amazing! At first I was skeptical and didn’t think I really needed it, but I’m so happy I got it. It comes in super handy when I need to measure my sizes when buying clothes online, and even small body parts like wrists or necklaces for jewelry. It’s also great for measuring home dimensions for things like carpets and so so so much more! This is a MUST have for everyone!

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Precision in measurements is essential when looking for furniture, renovating or building a home, or even buying new clothes, as it ensures the right fit for one's needs. It is frustrating using old-school measuring tools for various measuring tasks such as straight, curved, and discontinuous surfaces, and it can be tiresome when trying to calculate different units and estimations. This very often results in irritation as time is spent looking for the proper rulers or tools while struggling to get precise and accurate numbers.

The MetaRule is a functional and handy measurement device, elevated with reliable technology, that can measure any surface, either curved, straight, or even noncontinuous. The MetaRule has the basic functions of a traditional tape measure, but with the additional functions to switch between units of measurement, add, and subtract values, and is equipped with a large screen for viewing measurements in real-time. Now, seamlessly and effortlessly conduct surface, object, home, hallway or wall, and even body measurements with precision and utmost accuracy.




Extensive Measurement Limit - The MetaRule has a functional digital ruler that can measure up to 324 feet or 100 meters. Unlike typical tape measures, use the MetaRule™ freely to record great distances without worrying about the limit!

✅ Flexible Measuring Ability - The MetaRule was made to be a flexible tool for various different uses. It can be used for estimating body measures, distances, construction materials, and both linear and curved surfaces.

Accurate and Precise - The Premium MetaRule was repeatedly tested against standardized rulers and other measuring tools to ensure accuracy.. Rest assured with the high quality sensor and measure everything with extreme precision.

Long Battery Life -  The MetaRule is equipped with a powerful and rechargeable lithium battery. This makes it suitable for long periods of time and has fast charging as it can accumulate optimum power after as little as 5 minutes of charging, and has a 200 days long standby!



We understand how frustrating it can feel when using long rulers to measure home surfaces, walls, furniture, objects, construction materials, and even clothes. It can be extremely irritating when you have to start over due to losing track of your measurements, or when you struggle to get accurate numbers of oddly shaped and noncontinuous surfaces. Research has shown that often measuring difficult surfaces and areas with traditional devices lead to countless human errors.

Now, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer deal with the hassles and struggles of measuring with rulers and other ineffective means. The MetaRule is an effective and handy measurement device that can measure anything from both curved and straight surfaces, objects, and body parts. Enjoy easily getting home dimensions, distances, even body measurements, and more when shopping for furniture, renovation tools or objects, or even clothes.

Product Specifications

Shell material: aluminum alloy + silicone
Size: 53 * 15MM (diameter * thickness)
Screen: 1.8 inch VA LCD screen

Package Contents 

1 X MetaRule


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